VSAT Satellite Systems

The VSAT Satellite Systems training is the industry-leading course essential for everyone who works in the satellite communications industry. The course covers all aspects of satellite theory, RF & antennas, installation, fault finding, and everything you should know to be a successful VSAT technician.

The workshop will provide participants with in-depth understanding of VSAT systems and protocols, provide-a comprehensive introduction to VSAT concepts, satellite communications systems, technologies and protocols, and allow delegates to understand and assess VSAT systems for deployment into corporate wide area network solutions.

It will cover a wide range of issues relating to satellite communications, and regulatory issues, including the role of the regional and international satellite communications organizations.

What You'll Learn

VSAT Satellite Systems
Join a global force of qualified VSAT Satellite Systems installation technicians to support expansion of VSAT networks globally.

Who Needs to Attend

Engineers, information technologists, managers, and employees from regulators, government institutions, NGOs, and telecommunication companies, who are interested in acquiring a technical understanding of VSAT systems and detailed knowledge of current systems design. 

3 Days